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Upgrading to a smart home is a great investment to increase the value of your home and to create a more relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family. The range of possibilities are endless–including a custom home theater system, lighting control, shade control, automated heating and cooling, security, cameras and much more.

The key to creating this lifestyle is ACME Integration. Our professionals are the only systems integrators in the market today known for their breadth of products and solutions. We also have the only specialized Crestron programmer in the Inland Northwest to better serve your needs.

Imagine coming home and pressing just one button to activate multiple commands simultaneously–the lights turn on, the air conditioning kicks up a notch, and your favorite music begins to play in your favorite room(s) of your home. Use the same system to page the kids for dinner, view network camera feeds on any touch screen and stream music from your computer or iPod®.
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