The science of today is the Technology

of Tomorrow!!



ACME gives you the peace of mind that

only comes from a properly

secured home.



Make your house look even better, and save

money at the same time.



Shades don’t only bring privacy, but can

also cut down on cooling and make

your furniture last longer.



All the Movies and Music ever filed or

recorded at your fingertips.



Who’s at your door?  What was that noise?

The answer are as close as your nearest

TV, Touch Panel, Phone or Laptop.



You can watch all the game at the

the same time… OMG!!



Did you remember to lock all the doors

and turn out the lights before

you went to bed?



How would you like to have your favorite

musical artist follow you around

the house all day?

Or hang out with you at the pool?

Home Automation Sold


Systems Installed

Cups of Coffee Drank

Home Theater Installation Spokane 

Welcome To ACME Integration / ACME Automation & Surveillance Upgrading to a smart home is a great investment to increase the value of your home and to create a more relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family. The range of possibilities are endless–including a custom home theater system, lighting control, shade control, automated heating and cooling, security, cameras and much more.

The key to creating this lifestyle is ACME Integration. Our professionals are the only systems integrators in the market today known for their breadth of products and solutions. We also have the only specialized Crestron programmer in the Inland Northwest to better serve your needs.

Imagine coming home and pressing just one button to activate multiple commands simultaneously–the lights turn on, the air conditioning kicks up a notch, and your favorite music begins to play in your favorite room(s) of your home. Use the same system to page the kids for dinner, view network camera feeds on any touch screen and stream music from your computer or iPod®.

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Capacitive Touch Screens

Smart graphics installed into a sleek touch screen bringing the newest technology to life right in front of your very eyes.  Streaming H.264 video, web browsing, thernet power and much much more.  Crestron touch screens combine awesome performance along with mind blowing style.


Scheduling Touch Screens

Network Scheduling thru outlook on our crestron touch screens will bring the right people, spaces and technology all together for the smoothest meetings.  Status whether the room is available can be viewed while you’re on the go.  Internet connection thru ehternet with one single wire.


Smaller Format Touch Screens

Have you been looking for a stealthy way to control your automation in one or several rooms?  Our small format touch screens have all the features to allow this with very little footprint.  These low profile touch screens will deliver awesome graphics and other features.


Handheld Remote Controls

Elegant sleak design meets the newest and brightest technology.  Our handheld remotes aren’t just a thing of beauty, but also deliver under rough conditions.  They are built to withstand and function even after being dropped ten feet.  Please don’t test this feature out, just take our word.

Crestron Digital Media

A state of the art product created after expert Audio Engineering, Crestron takes the home theater experience to a whole other level.


Best Image Quality


Network Security


No latency


Infinitely scalable

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Spokane Home Automation

Control one or several rooms at the same time from several different touch-screens to choose from.  Our beautiful designs won’t make it an easy choice, you’ll want them all. At one time home theaters weren’t really even a talking point because of the expense.  But that has changed to a point now it’s very common to see them in homes all around the the world.  Spokane residents are no different, if you have always dreamed of having your own in home theater now is the time.

Some systems will only cost you a few thousand dollars while others depending on how elaborate you want to be could go into the tens of thousands. For people who are knowledgeable in electronics you could very well do the installation yourself and save a little money, but if you factor in the time it will take you to hopefully get it right, it really is a no brainer to just pay a professional to install it for you.  Home Theater Installation isn’t that expensive, considering what you paid for your equipment.

Weighing in the cost of your home theater system, it’s just too valuable of an investment to take a chance of not having it installed correctly. The task involves dealing with not just the equipment but all the electrical wires and electrical equipment.  If you’re also an electrician then you have that part covered. If not it’s just too much of a personal safety risk for your family, home and your brand new equipment.  The installation for the speakers and projectors requires a pro to ensure they are installed correctly.

ACME Connect by ACME Integration

Download the ACME Connect app to request a service call, request a consultation or quote, maintain quick contact with ACME, receive special notifications, and more!

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Home Theater Brands

We have been doing this a long enough time to know the very best brands on the market.  Just like everything else in life there are good and bad products.  Unfortunately there are a lot of mediocre inbetween.  This is where we come in.   With several decades of experience we know a home run when we see it!!  Like anything else in life once something is done or practiced over and over it becomes second nature to recognize and produce the best end product!!

Max Functionality

Why have multiple remote controls when it should be all in one.  That is our specialty, streamlining all your gadgets into one awesome control.  You’ll wonder how you did it the other way so long.

Customize your Home

Whether you choose to do just a sound system or go all in and automate your entire household, we are the experts that can put this together in mind blowing fashion. Call Today!!

Customize your Business

Make your Business or Restaurant stand out from the others not just by serving better food but by having the latest customized technology throughout the entire building.

Create the Coolest Space

Do you have meetings with your employees or potential clients?  Let us create an awesome environment to not only stun your potential clients, but close the deal in fashion.

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