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In the not-too-distant past, home automation was considered a luxury that only the jet set could indulge in. Today however, the reality is different. Reduction in the cost of automating homes together with the smart phone revolution has made home automation accessible to many Coeur d’Alene homeowners. People who automate their homes soon start wondering how they could have survived without it in the past.

Perhaps the biggest reason that should make every homeowner consider home automation is the fact that whatever you spend in this great investment will be recouped with time. Automation allows for all-round savings and ensures peace of mind and is therefore a worthy investment. Our Specialty is Coeur d’Alene Home Automation.

Saves time and money
If you are constantly slapped with a huge utility bill, automation could change that. In many un-automated homes lights will be on when nobody needs them as also will be many household appliances. When you have to manually switch off lights and other appliances chances are that you’ll forget to switch off some and, should you be rushing to work you might have to make a u-turn, returning home to find out if indeed you switched off the light and appliances thereby wasting gas and precious time.

Automating a home enables you to know with precision the state of the lights and appliances and, should you have forgotten to switch them off you can now do so from a remote location.

Enhances security
One of the greatest benefits to be reaped from home automation is enhanced security. On entering your home when it’s dark, you can switch on your lights at the touch of a button to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises awaiting you. Modern system from Home Automation Spokane will also alert you when somebody intrudes into your home.
Since automation enables you to lock and unlock doors from wherever you might be, you no longer have to take the risk of hiding spare keys in your compound where thieves could access them. Automation therefore takes home security to a great new level and is an investment you’ll appreciate.

Helps keep a watch on your home when you are away
Should you be a person who’s frequently away from home, you know how troubling it is to be away and not know what is going on back home. Automation takes care of such worries. Whether you are in another city or continent, you can switch the lights and other appliances on at designated times to create the illusion that you are home. That will surely dissuade would-be burglars and will ensure your peace of mind.

Makes a home more comfortable
After a hard day at work, you want to go home and rest. If you have dozens of appliances which you have to switch on manually you’ll have a really tough time on retiring to bed only to discover that half of the appliances are still on. This will force you to get out of bed to switch the appliances on – and some could be on different floors of your home. Automation enables you to deal with such annoyances by switching those appliances off without leaving your bed.

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